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Doctorants africains en Aquaculture et Pêche

Opened December 2008
This page is to provide a list by country of current aquaculture/fisheries and related PhD and MSc students and their areas of research. It is intended to give an overview of current research occuring throughout the continent whilst also allowing possible contacts, collaborations and future opportunities between individuals working in similiar areas.

If you wish to be included in this page please contact Will Leschen wl2 at stir.ac.uk with your details.

Page lancée en décembre 2008
Cette page liste pays par pays des doctorants africains et le sujet de leur thèse en aquaculture et pêche. Elle vise à donner un aperçu des recherches actuelles conduites sur le continent, tout en offrant aussi la possibilité d'établir des contacts et des collaborations, et de favoriser toutes sortes d'opportunités d'avenir entre des personnes qui travaillent dans des domaines similaires.

Si vous souhaitez être inclus(e) dans cette liste, merci de prendre contact avec Will Leschen wl2 at stir.ac.uk en lui envoyant les informations qui vous concernent.



Dorian Montcho,
I am from Benin Country in West Africa. I am student in Master Program in Cooperative economy and organization management. My fields of research is economy and development of fisheries and aquaculture. Analyst of external and internal impact on the level of production and the welfare of the farmers. I am looking for an assistantship and partnership to conduct my research for a Master’s Thesis. Telephone: +229 96160467, email: mdmcyada21 at yahoo.fr


Melissa Schiele

I am a member of Sarnissa and would like to be included on the UK MSc page. My research is based on Zanzibar, Tanzania and I am studying at Newcastle University (Department of Marine Science and Technology);

" My study investigates the socioeconomic implications of the lagoon based aquaculture facilities on Zanzibar, which farm seaweed (with the possibility of perhaps one day developing into an integrated system which also farms sea cucumbers). The aims of the project are to clarify the needs and concerns of the stakeholders from an economic perspective (income, sustainability etc.) and from a social standpoint, which will include community cohesion, ratifications, potential environmental impacts and effects on tourism. Stakeholders include groups within the local populace as well as government dignitaries and tourists."

I will be on Zanzibar for 6 weeks, from the 13th of April, 2011. I would welcome hearing and sharing with any others who are working with sea cucumbers or seaweeds. Melissa Schiele melissa.schiele at googlemail.com


Mikaël Chevalley
University of Montpellier II, South France).
Second year of Master Degree "Marine Bio-resources in Mediterranean and Tropical Environments",

Looking for 4-6 month internship from March - August 09 to work and gain experience on tilapia, shrimp or pangasius farm or hatchery.French and English speaker. Please contact for further details cv and references

12, rue de la république
34 000 Montpellier
phone :
E.mail : shim8 at hotmail.fr

Thomas Marcuccilli
License professionnelle «aquaculture et gestion de son environnement» à La Rochelle
Previous experience working in algal and rotifer culture in mediteranean sea bream hatchery, also experience in Madagascar
Looking for project placement between Apr-Aug 2010 in African aquaculture, with preference to work in Madagascar. CV available on request
24 ans
44 Route de St-Menoux 03000 NEUVY France 0625031379
Email thomas.marcuccilli at gmail.com


Mweruti Nyansarora Abigael
Moi University, Fisheries and Aquatic Science Department,P. O. BOX, 1125, Eldoret, Kenya.
Currently completing an MPhil in Aquaculture
Research: Culturing nile tilapia fry in iodized salt to evaluate perfomance in terms of growth and survival
Cell: +254710543885, +254736572826,
e-mail: anyansarora at yahoo.com
Educational level: BSc Fisheries and Aquatic Science
Profession: Aquaculturist


Joshua Valeta

I am a PhD student at Bunda College of Agriculture, University of Malawi. My research is in aquaculture technology focusing on adapting an indoor hatchery system for the production of Oreochromis karongae (Chambo) fingerlings. I am in the middle of my research. The ultimate gaol is to produce a prototype backyard (portable) hatchery with environmental control mechanisms.

Petros Chigwechokha pchigwe at yahoo.com

I am doing a PhD at Kagoshima University (Faculty of Fisheries - Graduate School of Fisheries) in Japan. I am at the moment developing a research plan for this PhD Program. Potentially the research will look at MOLECULAR CLONING OF SIALIDASE GENE IN NILE TILAPIA. This is yet to be presented and verted later in October this year. The Idea is that I want the forum members to contribute to this research idea, so that the research work may be of relevance to the development of African Aquaculture through O. niloticus.

I am originally from Malawi and a lecturer at Mzuzu University (Department of Fisheries). I am 30 years old. My major field of study is Fish genetics and breeding. I have just started my PhD and expected to finish in 2016. I intend to go back to Malawi after finishing and carry-on my work as lecturer and also do research.
Best regards,


Valera L. Dias
Post-graduate research student, currently undertaking a Master of Applied Science in Marine Environment (Major: Aquaculture) at the Australian Maritime College, an institution within the University of Tasmania, Australia. www.utas.edu.au(external link)

My research involves investigations into the development of calculi in the urinary bladder of striped trumpeter larvae, Latris lineata (I am determining when the calculi first appear, the effect on the larvae and exploring the chemical composition of calculi). I am expected to complete my studies by November 2010.

In Mozambique, I am employed at Eduardo Mondlane University – School of Marine and Coastal Science, Zambezia Province (Quelimane City). www.marine.uem.mz(external link)

I am interested to work with tilapia and hope to further develop my skills within the hatchery.

Contact: 0061408894761 (mobile_Australia); 00258828856570 (mobile_Mozambique); valeralucena_mz at yahoo.com.br or vldias at utas.edu.au (email)


Panduleni N Elago
Researcher at the Inland Aquaculture Centre, P. O. Box 796, Outapi, NAMIBIA, 9000
Currently second year part time, Doctorate in Agricultural Economics – University of Fort Hare, South Africa
PhD Research: Formulation of diets from local available ingredients in Namibia, Feeding trials and quantification response of diets on growth of three spot tilapia (Oreochromic andersonii) under cage culture

Tel: +264 65 259009, Mobile +264 811288099
Fax2mail: +264 88612464
Email: panduleni at iway.na
Interests: Production of Inexpensive Tilapia in Cages, using local ingredients as diet for feeding

Hiskia M Asino
Research Student at Ocean University of China, 5 Yushan Road, Qingdao
Pursuing a MSc in Aquaculture (Fish Nutrition)
Research:Depth Distribution of Merluccius capensis and parodoxous in the
Benguella (off the coast of Namibia)
Present research:Enteromorpha prolifera supplementation in Pseudosciaena crocea diets. (Effects of survival and growth of marula oil supplemented in Pseudosciaena crocea diets)
(China) +86 532 8203 2427, Mobile + 86 15005 429 529
(Namibia) + 264 65 220509, Mobile +264 811 27 6237
Email: hiskia_asino at yahoo.com / hiskiaasino at gmail.com


Mwakalapa, Eliezer B
Undergraduate student Sokoine University Of Agriculture BOX 3000,Morogoro, Tanzania
Tel 255713710988 Email mwaxeb85 at yahoo.com
Interests: Integrated aquaculture systems, Aquatic conservation

Anthony Dadu

Masters Aquaculture student at AIT Asian Intitute of Technology Bangkok Thailand from Tanzania started course 2009. Anthony wrote nice article for SARNISSA July 10 Newsletter about his course and experiences in Thailand http://www.sarnissa.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=441(external link)


Robert Allou

Ghanaian student studying in Vietnam Link to Photos and text below: http://www.sarnissa.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=450(external link)
Dear SARNISSA members, My name is Robert Allou from Ghana, and member of SARNISSA , and I would like to inform you that through the assistance of NOMA-FAME Program, I am now in Vietnam for a two year Masters Program in Fisheries, Economics and Management at Nha Trang University. Though I arrived in the city barely Nine days ago (27th August 2010 - 5ht September 2010 ) However, I would be very grateful if you could spend about 10 minutes of your busy schedule to read about my experience and situation on the Program, relationship with other International students on the Program, the Vietnamese food,etc, which I have dubbed 'Picture Glossary of a Ghanaian student doing Masters in Nha Trang' even though there have not been effective lectures, site visit,Paper Presentations, etc yet. And I promise that as soon as we embark upon effective studies and other working visits I will let you have updates. However, among my reasons of being here also,is to foster a strong collaborations between the fishing/ aquaculture industries of Vietnam and Ghana, so as to source out the possible areas of cooperations among the two countries, including Africa in general, to look at how best the aquaculture/ fishery sectors could be developed. Therefore, my 'email doors are opened' for any other individual or Organisation who also welcomes such an idea for a possible relationship to contact me.
Regards, Robert Allou, Dai Hoc, Nha Trang Vietnam

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