SARNISSA Project Administration

SARNISSA Project Administration

Project Meetings

Inception Meeting February 2008 Stirling UK

Deliverable D6.1

SARNISSA Introduction Univ of Stirling(external link)

Work Package 1 Introduction University of Stirling(external link)

Partners Introductions

CABI AC introduction(external link)

CIRAD Introduction(external link)

WorldFish Center Introduction(external link)

Bunda College Introduction(external link)

IRAD Introduction(external link)

ETC introduction(external link)

First Year Annual Progress and Planning Meeting February 2009 Yaounde Cameroon

Deliverable 6.5


SARNISSA 1st years overview UOS(external link)

WP2 Information Collection 1st years Overview CABI(external link)

WP3 Research Platform WFC/CIRAD(external link)

WP4 Outreach Asian Study Tour AIT(external link)

Stakeholders Meeting West and Central Africa February 2009 Yaounde Cameroon

Deliverable D7


SARNISSA after one year... Project overview UOS(external link)

Review of main research and production issues West Africa WFC(external link)

WP5 Policy and relevance to stakeholders ETC(external link)

Royal Fish Farm Comercial Clarias Fingerling Producer and Ongrower(external link)

Concepto Azul: Small scale hatchery and ongrowing of shrimp in rural communities Cameroon(external link)

Key Research issues and priorities East Africa C Ngugi Moi Univ(external link)

Aquaculture research and development issues Cote D'Ivoire Celestin Ble CRO(external link)

DRC Aquaculture Research and Development Simon Mutala WFC(external link)

Second Year Progress and Planning Meeting February 2010 Bunda College Malawi


Deliverable 6.6


Overview of 2nd years work and moving into third year of the project Univ of Stirling Co-ordinators Review(external link)

2nd Year WP2 Information Collection Overview CABI(external link)

2nd Year WP3 Research Platform and Collaboration Overview WorldFish Center(external link)

2nd Year WP3 Research Platform and Collaboration Overview CIRAD(external link)

2nd Year WP5 Policy Overview ETC(external link)

2nd Year Southern Africa Regional Centre Report Bunda(external link)

2nd Year West and Central Africa Regional Centre Report IRAD(external link)

2nd Year East Africa Regional Centre Report Moi University(external link)

Stakeholders Meeting Southern Africa February 2010 Lilongwe Malawi


Deliverable D7


SARNISSA Project Overview: Progress and challenges Univ of Stirling__(external link)

Aquaculture in Africa From Subsistence to Reality ... WFC(external link)

Commercial Aquaculture Producers of Africa CAPA Damien Deprez(external link)

SustAqua Farms Malawi. Commercial integrated duckweed/biofloc tilapia farm(external link)

Maldeco Tilapia Producer Malawi- Short photo presentation(external link)

Kalimba Bream Farm Zambia: On farm comparative trial on performance of andersonii and niloticus(external link)

__International Partnership for African Fisheries
Governance and Trade (PAF), within CAADP How to accelerate aquaculture development: NEPAD__
(external link)

Bunda College Malawi Research and Development in Southern African Region(external link)

Introduction to the online Aquaculture Compendium Gareth Richards(external link)

Concepts of Domestication of species to benefit aquaculture Jean Francois Barollier(external link)

Genetics for aquaculture breeding programmes Jean Francois Barollier(external link)

Research proposals and concept note writing workshop

Deliverable 3.3 (Part of)

Grant proposal and concept notes writing guidelines workshop Krishen Rana(external link)

Guidelines for Funding Aquaculture Research Randy Brummett(external link)

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