Useful Email Discussion Lists

Email discussion lists and fora which are relevant and useful for African Aquaculture Research and Development


1 SARNISSA African Aquaculture Email Discussion Groups

Both English and French discussion groups with now over 1600 members (and growing) from across Africa and internationally working or interested in African aquaculture development.

It is a great way of making new contacts, sharing information across a wide range of sectors, research, commercial, community based, govt, NGO, markets, academic, students, fish farmers, equipment and service suppliers etc.

Discussion groups regularly updated with new funding and employment opportunities.

To suscribe please write with your contact details to Will Leschen wl2 à stir.ac.uk for English speakers and Lionel Dabbadie lionel.dabbadie à cirad.fr for french speakers.

2. Tilapia Mailing List

The Tilapia Mailing List http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/tilapia(external link) is an email discussion group suitable for anyone who has an interest in Tilapia farming or the marketing and sale of farm-raised Tilapia.

There are currently more than 3,800 members worldwide, with a very large African contingency. Members range from leading experts to novice farmers just starting out. The list provides an open forum for experts to discuss current issues and areas of research interest, while also allowing new farmers the unique opportunity to learn from other more experienced farmers.

The list is quite active, with almost 14,000 messages posted to date.
Topics are wide ranging, but typically include discussions about genetics, reproduction, hatchery management, grow out production, sustainability, disease management, nutrition and feed management, farm troubleshooting, processing, food safety, marketing and sales.

To subscribe to the list, simply send an e-mail to:
tilapia-subscribe à yahoogroups.com

3 Catfish Farming in Nigeria Blog

Catfish Farming in Nigeria Blogspot. Interactive site for exisitng farmers and also for those who wish to start(external link)

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