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Nov 2014

NTV Kenya OTHAYA Boys High school starts fish farming business to supplement diet and generate income(external link)

May 2014

Developing O niloticus culture in Mozambique Thanks to Nick James for sending in. Note how they filter the farms inlet water and very importantly as result do not allow any wild fish to enter the ponds. Note also how ponds are constructed and maintained(external link)

January/ janvier 2014

Ghana: Development of commercial monosex tilapia hatchery Ainsoo Ansah farms - step by step...... (external link)

December / decembre 2013

Kenyan School Develops Fish Farming(external link)

_November / novembre 2013

Yen So Wholesale Fish Market Ha Noi Vietnam November 2013(external link)

October / octobre 2013

Sept / september 2013

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoEVYwFPCx8"(external link) rel="external nofollow">Commercial Aquaculture Feed Production, Focus on extruded feed Kurt Rosentrater, Iowa State Univ US(external link)

July / juillet 2013

Nigeria:Boyd Agro Allied Ltd Catfish and Pig Farm Note volumes of catfish sold in markets - Also the use of LBC plastic tanks cut offs in hatchery(external link)

Uganda SON Fish Farm Jinja Harvesting tilapia from the cages(external link)

June/juin 2013

Fondation Tonon Ecloserie au Benin qui produire 2 millions tilapia per mois(external link)

Namibia: Ongwediva Inland Aquaculture Center(external link)

Nigeria: Former banker goes into fish farming aiming to export - Orders from Ghana(external link)

South Africa : Entrepreneurial community trout cage farming in the Western Cape (external link)

May/mai 2013

Nigeria: Warri Aquaculture Overview Ed Brilliant video - so many key messages to learn from here - please show it to others.... - congratulations to the people who made this video and also to all of those working throughout Nigerian aquaculture and associated value chain who are showing the rest of Africa a profitable way to develop aquaculture - note how many women are working and part of this aquaculture development(external link)

February / fevrier 2013

INFOMAR mapping aquaculture(external link)

Note construction method for tilapia tanks(external link)

Feeding tilapia on Mekong river cage farm Ventianne Laos(external link)

Harvesting tilapia from river cage site Ventiane, Laos(external link) Note : they use a pulley system ; this sometimes in asia powered using back wheel belt or chain drive of motorbike or scooter

Nireus Meditteranean Aquaculture Corporate video Sea bass Sea bream farming(external link)

Fish farming in Kagera,Tanzania Under MAF Project(external link)

Cartes postales: La Pisciculture Ancienne a l'entranger Serie 2(external link)

South Australian Aquaculture(external link)

January / janvier 2013

Poland: Europes largest indooor RAS aquaculture farm - growing tilapia - this farm set up with Israeli techncal backing(external link)

November / novembre 2012

Columbia - Fish pump moving live tilapia into automatic grader and then back into separate cages - No handling or netting - tilapia remain in water for most of the procedure(external link)

October 2012

France Créée en 2006,L’Oursine de Ré est spécialisée dans la production des oursins(external link)

Senegal Dakar Potential for Commercial Mariculture Symposium 26-28th Sept Presentations and video available for download on SARNISSA(external link)

Congo Le ministre de la pêche et de l’aquaculture a visité la station piscicole de Djoumouna(external link)

Benin Forum national sur la pisciculture au Bénin(external link)

Africans at the World Aquaculture Society Conference Prague Czech Republic 1st - 5th Sept 2012(external link)

China: Sustainability lessons from China: low footprint fish farms - Chinese carp culture(external link)

Australia - Western Australia Commercial Mariculture Industry growing - Kingfish, Coral , Pearl Oysters(external link)

__Martinique Cage mooring operation(external link)

African Aquaculture - Aquaculture Africaine

Africa General

Anyone know where this was filmed? In Africa? Is this prod system economically viable ?(external link)

CNN chicken ofthe sea Spotlight on Nascent commercial UK Tilapia culture sector and Sea Cucumber potential - research from Univ of Newcastle UK(external link)

Turning points in modern aquaculture FAO video(external link)

Audio Radio BBC : Four Thought Programme Downloadable 30 May 12 Duration:20 mins Entrepreneur Paddy Docherty says business rather than aid and donor driven culture is best placed to bring prosperity to impoverished and post conflict nations, arguing that only the commercial sector can supply the scale and dynamism needed to make a lasting impact on development(external link)

Inyambo Fish Farming Project on the Zambesi(external link)

Stephen Hall WorldFish Center Director discusses the GGIAR Livestock Fish Mega programme(external link)

Cereal microworms being fed to fry(external link)

Guide on feeding fry microworms(external link)

Microworm culture for feeding fry(external link)

Aqualine large scale commercial Plastic cages 70-300m circumference(external link)

Breeding catfish: Stripping Fertilising and then laying out eggs in the hatchery Sept 2010(external link)

Hydromoteur: La seule machine au monde qui convertit en énergie mécanique, le débit des tout petits ruisseaux de plaine. Ainsi, placé dans un ruisseau de 50 cm de large qui coule entre 2 berges de 60 cm de hauteur, l' HYdromoteur L.J. refoule, par jour, plus de 10 m³ d'eau à 40 mètres de hauteur sans consommer ni fuel, ni électricité ! The sole machine in the world which convert the flow of the smallest and slowest river into mechnical energy. Located in a river of 50 cm wide and 60 cm deep, the "Hydromoteur L.J" reverses daily more than 10 m³ water at 40 meters height whithout fuel, neither electricity www.hydromoteur.com(external link)(external link)

L'Aquaculture est-elle la solution miracle face à la surexploitation des fleuves et lacs d'Afrique ? Christian Leveque nous donne son point de vue(external link)

African Business Model Standoff: The role of NGO's Animated(external link)

Heterotis niloticus (actuellement objet de discussions sur les listes-currently being discussed on lists)(external link)

The Business Case for Sustainable Livelihoods (Intro)- Just an advertisement or relevant for aquaculture /fisheries developmnet in Africa?(external link)

African cihilids - aquarium footage of different cichilids(external link)

Farm fish threaten wild fish – National Geographic – environmental concerns(external link)

FAO video links – Cambodia rice fish, Ghana, fish marketing(external link)

FAO audio links – large selection of audio clips relating to food and agriculture in Africa(external link)


L'aquaculture en Algérie(external link)

Intégration de la pisciculture à l'agriculture dans le sud ouest de l'Algérie(external link)

Facebook Aquaculture Algerie(external link)

Tilapias condominio Angola(external link)

Fish and Chicken: Angola - Czech integrated aquaculture project... + loud music!(external link)


Benin BBtv Centre Songhai Green tech and the internet in West Africa(external link)

Credit ONG Benin Notre ferme de Tori au Benin(external link)

Cyrille Dening Tropical Fish Export Tropical Fish Exporter Cameroon very short video(external link)

Large catfish – put on motorcycle to take to market Cameroon(external link)

Congo Brazzaville

Brazzaville Congo: L'échange de vœux entre le ministre Hellot Mampouya Matson et son personnel a eu lieu à station piscicole de Dzoumouna, à plus de 20 km au sud de Brazzaville. JTV-CONGO du 28/01/11(external link)

Congo Brazzaville: Anou Raising Catfish. 1990 video showing Clarias reproduction by Gertjan de Graaf, Adri Schrover and Linda Lyklema En francais with English subtitles now available online(external link)

Tilapia Farming in Congo Brazzaville 1990 - A video by Gertan de Graaf. En francais with English subtitles(external link)


RDC: La pisciculture lutte contre la malnutrition dans le village de kalengera(external link)

Congo Un atelier de la CICOS sur la gestion durable des ressources halieutiques(external link)

Congo: Le ministre de la pêche et de l’aquaculture, Hellot Mampouya Matson a effectué une mission de travail dans les départements de la Cuvette, des plateaux, et de la Sangha(external link)

Congo: Le ministre de la pêche et de l’aquaculture, Hellot Mampouya Matson a rencontré les importateurs du poisson pour cerner ensemble les raisons de la hausse du prix(external link)

Le sénat adopte une proposition de loi qui réglemente la pêche et l'aquaculture au Congo(external link)


Post harvest practices of farmed tilapia in Egypt(external link)

Egypt : Tilapia cages in Rayaan Depression(external link)

Egyptian Aquaculture Centre Manual sorting of pond harvested tilapia for weighing , icing and then transport to Cairo supermarkets and fishmongers(external link)

Fish farming boom in Egypt(external link)

Egypt:Circular fish tank with aeration Gamal Taha farm in Al Kanater Alkhairia(external link)

Fish Farming Boom in Egypt(external link)

Harvesting tilapia at the Egyptian Aquaculture Centre(external link)

Egypte, les métamorphoses du delta(external link) A 34 ans, Manar Ezat est la première femme Docteur en pisciculture d'Egypte. Inlassablement, elle arpente le delta du Nil pour conseiller et venir en aide aux exploitants des fermes aquicoles. Depuis plusieurs années, elle constate une explosion du nombre de ces fermes. Elle est étonnée du nombre de fellahs, ces petits agriculteurs égyptiens, qui choisissent ainsi de reconvertir leurs parcelles.(NOTE: Malheureusement, France Télévision limite l'accès à cette vidéo aux résidents de France métropolitaine)

Seawater Farms Eritrea Growing fish, plants and livestock from seawater(external link)

The Gambia

Gambia:Farmer managed rice irrigation project Sapu(external link)


Ghana- Opportunity to be rich?? Tilapia farming developing through commercial business investment rather than Donor fed Aid projects? Ed For our Ghainaian followers how good an investment is this company? Also note the way in which and number of times tilapia are netted, handled and transported from the cages before they are actually ready for sale........(external link)

Ghanaian aquaculture on Chinese Televison . Development of Akosombo niloticus strain now developing tilapia culture across Ghana Thanks to Seth at WRI for sending this(external link)

__Ghana Lake Bosumtwi, Ashanti Region nr Kumasi considered to be under threat due to (unregistered?) cage fish farming(external link)

Ghana Making fish cages - Ghana showing the way for cage culture in Africa(external link)

Aquatic Animal Health Seminar Accra Ghana 20 - 22nd March. Includes field trip to Tropo Farm Hatchery site and WRI Akosombo Fish Culture Research station(external link)

Ghana Kumasi Waste Enterprisers and Univ of Science and Technology UST Kumasi. Waste water aquaculture trial using Clarias gariepinus stocked into modified waste water treatment ponds(external link)

Ghana: Rather static video showing water quality testing at Crystal Lakes Fish Farm in Volta Region(external link)

Ghana Wastewater aquaculture trial Waste Enterprisers Kumasi - Mark is ex UST Univ of Science and Technology Aquaculture student(external link)

Ghana Raanan new commercial fish feed mill at Pram Pram(external link)

TV news Cage farming of tilapia on the Volta Lake Creating jobs - Go Ghana!(external link)

__Ghana Fish Farmers Brigade - Cage farming tilapia on Lake Volta.
Ghana developing its aquaculture . Ou ti twi? Medassie__
(external link)

Inauguration of the Ghana Aquaculture Association Dec 2011 Accra(external link)

Ghana: Womens Fishmongers Development project:Optimizing Fish Catches(external link)

Fish Farming in Ghana. Tropo Farms: New World Bank video(external link)

Small scale fish marketing – microcredit Ghana(external link)

GTZ DED Dam rehabilition project Northern Ghana 2007(external link)


Fish pond construction Guinea (in French)(external link)


NTV Kenya OTHAYA Boys High school starts fish farming business to supplement diet and generate income(external link)

William Kiama Pioneer of Kenyan aquaculture - William specialises now in ornamentals and is also one of the best (few) pond construction engineers in Kenya(external link)

Kenya: Fish farming developing in Embu(external link)

Kenya: Kakamega processing plant supports future fish farming development in the region:Fisheries Dept and SARNISSA's Professor Charles Ngugi commented on boost this will give to the region(external link)

Kenya, Mwea fish farmers reaping big(external link)

Jambo Fish Limited - The General Manager speaks about CatFish farming(external link)

Kenya: Training workshop on Haller's Integrated Aquaculture (in swahili) Ed: Do these poultry integrated systems actually work and make a profit and the owners still are selling fish every year after 5 years?(external link)

Women and Power Fish Farming in Kenya(external link)

Kenya Kisumu ceremony - New German and Israeli support to develop aquaculture in Kenya western region around the lake - especially concentrating on developing the value chain(external link)

Kenya: Fish farming project part of the govt stimulus programme - German support(external link)

Kenya: Video Burst sewer costs fish farmers dearly(external link)

Kenya NTV news: Engineer set up fish farm/aquaponics in his back yard Is this sort of system copying Nigerian peri-urban catfish systems? - and could it become more popular and also profitable to be able to work in Kenya and other African countries?(external link)

Kenya :NTV Fish farming development : Kiambu's fish farming - Note other agric prod systems in the area ie dairy - also medias claim of building a fish pond in one day??(external link)

Kenya: ktnkenya.tv News Govt now saying .......All male tilapia fingerlings more economically viable to stock than normal mixed sex fingerlings(external link)

Kenya Video Pegging a fish pond Thanks to Wilson Munala for this(external link)

Kenya Susan Otieno (Farm Africa) from the Aquashops project outlines the impacts from the 6 recently opened Aquashops piloted in 2 districts in W Kenya(external link)

_Kenya Aquashops serving and supplying prospective and existing fish farmers in W Kenya__(external link)

Kenya BBC Horizon programme Aquashops(external link)

Kenya Fish Farming in Kiambu county developing - note lined ponds and alsosize of tilapia they are harvesting(external link)

Kenya: Fish Farming in Kisii(external link)

Dominion Fish farm largest production farm in Kenya for tilapia and rice 3 million fingerlings per month - 800 locals employed - still some issues over land - recent visit from ex Nigerian premier to see whether this farm model can be replicated in W Africa(external link)

Video: Kenya Tone la Maji's Fish Farming project - Note colour of the water, that they are using a lined pond and also the overal average size of tilapia in the harvest after 6 months(external link)

Kenya CRSP programme impact evaluation fish farmers workshop - More power to your elbows Charles, James, Victor et al!!(external link)
__Millennium Villages Project in Uranga, Kenya - TH!NK3 visits fish farmer
Pity in this video they show so little of the farm ponds and hatchery - also so few fish??__
(external link)

CRSP Kenya Baitfish Project Sarnissa's Charles Ngugi and Farm Africa Aquashops Duncan Sije helping Kenyan Clarias fingerling producers to increase fingerling supply and also their own businesses and incomes(external link)

Kenya : Effect of climate change on Fish Farming and the govt ESP programme digging 1000s of ponds. Is this really the effect of climate change?? Are these dried up ponds actually as a result of Climate Change or is it more simply many of the ponds have been constructed in the wrong locations where there is not a 12 month supply of water in the first place?(external link)

Kenya: Aquaculture promotion at Nairobi International Trade Fair October 2010 Courtesy of Victor Motari and Charles Ngugi(external link)

Aquashops Western Kenya: Owners talking about their new businesses and their potential for impact on existing local fish farmers, as well as providing an impetus for new entrants into fish farming(external link)

Kenya: Fishy Business: Govt strategy of using tax payers money to try and construct 14,000 earthponds all over Kenya coming into question?(external link)

Kenya TV News article : Govt economic stimulus programme - examples of fish farmers developing fish culture as viable businesses . Congratulations to Suzanne Nuria SARNISSA founding member in the video who is now producing tilapia and clarias fingerlings commercially to supply other fish farmers(external link)

Kenya NTV news: Coastal earthpond fish culture and mud crab culture taking off for local community groups(external link)

Kenya NTV news: Fishy Business: Fish farmers bringing up concerns over govts current economic stimulus programme which is financing the building of 200 fish ponds in each of 116 Districts all over the country. Examples of poor pond construction and lack of fingerlings to stock the ponds are quoted(external link)

Kenya - Ornamental Fish Business - Entrepreneur describes how he set up - firstly building aquaria and now he runs full ornamental fish business employing staff and providing goods and a service(external link)

Kenya : DFID Research into Use Aquashops project developing aquaculture in W Kenya - Godfrey Monor Director of Fisheries Kenya talks about the benefits of Aquashops in developing aquaculture in W Kenya(external link)

Kenya:Three week placement hands on working at Mwea Fish Farm and Hatchery Kenya Video shot and edited by Victor Motari(external link) Note David arranged this placement by Registering on the SARNISSA African aquaculture email discussion forum . David is an ex student of Sparsholt Agricultural College in England which offers a range of practical courses in aquaculture.

Kenya: SARNISSA Fish Farmers Internet Workshop June 2010 - Held in local internet cafe Mwea town 100km from Nairobi with 10 local fish farmers - Shot and edited by Victor Motari and Charles Ngugi Kenyatta University Nairobi(external link)

Kenya: Sagana Womens Fish Farming Project Mt Kenya Aug 2010(external link)

Kenya: Gikomba Market (Fish Section) Nairobi Video from Victor Motari and Charles Ngugi Kenyatta University(external link)

Kenya: Fish Farming potential and Kenyan govt budget review allocates funds for its development News Report June 2010 (external link)

Fish Farming in Central Kenya Challenges with new govt strategy on developing fish ponds News report June 2010 (external link)

Kenya:Nairobi Fish market June 2010 Courtesy of Charles Ngugi, Victor Motari, Mwea Fish Farm(external link)

Kenya: Mwea Fish Farm Video on Preparation and Injection of hormonal extract into Female Clarias broodfish for inducing egg release(external link)

Kenya: Mwea Fish Farm Video on Clarias catfish propagation(external link)

Kenya: Mwea Fish Farm Clarias and Tilapia Fingerling producer. Minister of Fisheries Development visit June 2010(external link)

Kenya:Emos Community fish Farming project WWF funded(external link)

Kenya:Lake Naivasha - NEMA on the spot over lake fish kills mystery NTV news report(external link)

Kenya:Lake Naivasha's dying fish NTV Kenya news report(external link)

Kenya and India: KACE Kenya and Kerala Fishermen. How Mobiles are Helping Farmers and Fishermen.Increasing importance of mobile phones in developing market chains and individual businesses(external link)

Haller Foundation Kenya Chicken coop over water(external link)

Haller Foundation Kenya Fish and irrigation(external link)

Kenya: Millenium Project Sauri(external link)

Kenya:Shama Fish and Bacon Company(external link)

Big Fish Small Fry. Globalisation and Decline of Fisheries in Lake Victoria. WorldFish Center in conjunction with University of Oslo presents series of three videos(external link)

Kenyan road trips part 2: Nanyuki region – tree house fish farm(external link)

Fish Fryer Nairobi Kenya(external link)

Drying fish KMFRI publication Kenya(external link)

Kenya:Joshua's Story: A Partner of 1010 project's Portrait(external link) Fish farm start about 3 minutes from beginning


Lesotho : Royale Highlands Trout - Company website http://www.royalehighlandstrout.co.za/(external link) (external link)

Lesotho Katse Trout Cage Farming business produces sustainably farmed product for South African markets(external link)


Madagascar: Aquaculture d'holoturies et Université de Tuléar(external link)

Madagascar, le miracle des crevettes(external link)

Spiruline: l'Or vert de Madagascar / Spirulina: Green gold of Madagascar(external link)

Reportage audio RTL avec les éleveurs malgaches de concombres de mer(external link)


Malawi WFC helping those affested by AIDS to develop aquaculture(external link)

Malawi Video from 2006 Introduction to Malawi Gold Standard Aquaculture(external link)

Malawi: Research Into Use Aquaculture Innovation Platform developing commercial hatchery and fingerling producers. Note Thai built RAS tilapia hatchery at National Aquaculture Centre Domasi(external link)

Malawi Fish Farm Project Morning Star Intro(external link)

Malawi:NDGreenIndustry Malawi Fish Farm - Construction of the Fish Farm(external link)

Fish farming is supporting HIV affected families in Malawi(external link)

Malawi: WorldFish Center Rural Aquaculture HIV/AIDS project NBC report(external link)

Ripple Project Malawi Microcredit for aquaculture and other income earning opportunities(external link)
Link to fish farm site Men vs Women(external link)


Mauritanie: La Pisciculture - Son développement à l'institut. Iset - Rosso - Mauritanie(external link)


Mayotte Dominique, fish farmer Mariculture red drum & sea bream - Note cage construction - also they are working on cage culture of herbivore species - note feed they are using - Go to http://www.sarnissa.org/tiki-index.php?page=African+Aquaculture+Research+Institutes+Links(external link) Mayotte AquaMay for more details(external link)

L'aquaculture responsable, une filière en devenir à Mayotte(external link)

Mayotte: Crise de l'aquaculture(external link)

Mayotte: subvention à l'aquaculture sur images d'une écloserie de poissons à Koungou, Mayotte aquaculture(external link)


Mozambique: Acuicultura para el desarrollo. (AECI TV). The Spanish Agency for International Development is supporting a project of sustainable small-scale aquaculture in the Mozambican province of Niassa (in spanish)(external link)

L'élevage de poissons à Tanger au Maroc(external link)


Namibia 2011 fosters links with Indonesia for aquaculture development. Note Namibia did this previously 2004-2010 with spanish govt - What were the concrete results and impacts from this ? What lessons learnt?(external link)


Niger:Eau pour le boisson (et les poissons) Les habitants de Kabori, Niger sont en train de developper des leurs sources d'eau pour les besoins domestiques aussi que productifs avec l'appui de Winrock International(external link)


Nigerian Fish Farmers takes on oil giant and wins(external link)

Nigerian fish farmer hails win against Shell(external link)

Lagos Nigeria: Catfish fingerlings - Bet he wouldnt do this with piranha(external link)

Nigeria: Urban aquaculture - Growing Clarias in Lagos backyards. Great to see some SARNISSA members starring(external link)

Nigeria: Interesting Clarias farming blog website which has two short videos clearly demonstrating and comparing more traditional rectangular concrete tank production systems with new (cheaper) mobile transportable plastic /canvas circular tanks. Note both these systems are set up in backyards and limited land spaces in urban and peri-urban settings(external link)

Nigeria: Bauchi State - Constructing new cages - 50 units of cages for coastal aquaculture under the Federal government Intervention and fisheries development programme(external link)

Nigeria:Heterobranchus bidorsalis farmer selling "Biodisc" ? to enhance productivity(external link)

Nigeria: New fish cage culture methods to be used to boost country's Clarias production Voice of America (VOA) news article(external link)

Nigeria: Perimeter booming for FDF cages(external link)

Nigeria: Cage construction/installation(external link)

Nigeria FDF Cage Installation Epe Lagoon(external link)

BAUCHI AQUACULTURE INITIATIVE (BAI) Farmers, in the Village of Birshi (Bauchi State, Nigeria), work with Leadership Initiatives (LI), and its local partner Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme(external link)

Catfish Farming in Lagos Nigeria(external link)

Salesday at Catfishfarm in Usi-Ekiti Yoruba/Nigeria(external link)

Gbenga feeding new batch of Catfish: Nigeria(external link)

Grading catfish in Usi-Ekiti Yoruba/Nigeria(external link)

Catfish harvest,Badagry, Lagos State Cage/Pen Culture Project Nigeria(external link)

Durante fish farms Nigerian catfish farmer CNN interview(external link)

Lungfish to Lagos – Commercial peri-urban Clarias culture(external link)


Réunion : La transformation d’une ferme d’élevage de tortues marines en Observatoire et centre de soins(external link)

Reunion: ARDA Two videos Freshwater and Marine Aquaculture at the Research station en francais(external link)


A passport for exporting certified fisheries products to Europe - Senegal(external link)

Senegal: Aquaculture en Casamance - des huitres - tilapia. Travail d'ANA(external link)

Projet Crevette Senegal Culturing macrobrachium to reduce incidence of schistosiamiasis Congratulations to Elizabeth and all her team. M vollenhoferi also brought in from Concepto Azul FW prawn culture project Cameroon courtesy of Judith Makomba(external link)

Senegal: Video: womens group successfully cultivating oysters - This is example for others in Africa - Possible to make money from growing oysters using simple but effective technology(external link)
Senegal Fighting endemic schistosomiasis with aquaculture Macrobrachium vollenhovenii . Congratulations to Elisabeth and her team(external link)

Senegal : Lutte contre la bilharziose grâce à l'aquaculture - Sénégal(external link)

Senegal: CGI Report Aquaculture in Senegal(external link)

Senegal:Comment éliminer la bilharziose par l'aquaculture de Macrobrachium / How to eradicate bilharziosis by freshwater shrimp aquaculture(external link)

Mariculture in Senegal(external link)

Senegal: Eliminating schistomiasis with village based aquaculture(external link)

IRD Senegal: Le Système Aquacole à Recyclage Intégral (SARI)(external link)

Poisson de pisciculture (Heterotis) produit par l'Agence Nationale de l'Aquaculture du Sénégal à Richard Toll(external link)

Senegal JICA White grouper/merou cage culture trial 1 en francais(external link)

Senegal JICA White grouper/merou cage culture trial 2 en francais(external link)

Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Overfishing CNN report (www.sierraeye.net)(external link)

Sierra Leone: Lessons learning from Peace Corps rural aquaculture development programme 1988-90 - up to present day(external link)

South Africa

South Africa: Grading dusky kob fingerlings(external link)

South Africa: Eastern Cape Development Corporation Marine Aquaculture for future investors promotional video. Finfish Dusky kob, oysters, abalone all featured note also linkages to research Rhodes Univ and business model for finance(external link)

Recirc shrimp farm South Africa - This looks like the former SeaArk which ran out of finance and was shelved? Now with new finance? Is growing shrimp intensively in such large RAS sytems in South Africa financially viable?(external link)

South Africa: Rivendell Hatchery SARNISSA member see also under African Fish Farms link(external link)

South Africa:Bosasa - SeaArk Pioneering Aquaculture - Shrimp Recirc Farm located near Port Elisabeth(external link) Note: Look in SARNISSA Media news - Financing pulls out from SEAARK venture Dec 20th 2009

Kob broodstock Espadon Marine South Africa(external link)

SeaArk Africa: Series of videos (in English and Afrikaans) about launch of new shrimp farming venture in South Africa(external link)
Also see Company's website in African Fish Farm links

Marine cage farming South Africa – Environmental concerns - Case study of one particular new site – sharks – environmentalists vs owners(external link)


Sudan: Yei Fish pond project(external link)


Video: Scramble for fish Lake Victoria Deutche Welle(external link)

Seaweeds cultivation Zanzibar Tanzania German TV - First 12 minutes of video clip (In German)(external link)
Details from Dr Flower Msuya Institute of Marine Sciences, Dept. of Marine Biology & Resources Management Zanzibar flowereze à yahoo.com

Farming shellfish in Zanzibar(external link)

ALPHA KRUST LIMITED (external link)
Group company (formed in 2002), of Alpha Group - http://www.alphaafrica.com/inner.asp?cat=aboutalphagroup(external link)
implementing Integrated Shrimp Aquaculture Project in Mafia Island, Tanzania. Video on website also showing company's Nile Perch fishing and other operations.


Uganda: Ugandan Fish Farmer doing well and on NTVnews . Nice looking farm and hatchery Any of our readers can tell us more about the third catfish? species he is growing and breeding on his farm?(external link)

Uganda SOUL Fish Farming project Any members know more about this farm please let us know(external link)

Uganda - Grow Movement helps fish farmer through consultants to develop his commercial and marketing skills - Note colour of the pond water??(external link)
Ugandan Israeli Carp Aquaculture project(external link) Note there is another video below on this page also about this project shot in Uganda

Uganda:Umoja Fish Farm and Hatchery: Part one Artificial Reproduction of Clarias gariepinus(external link)

Wilson Mwanga Fisheries Commissioner Uganda discusses holistic approach Mega Fish and Livestock programme(external link)

Value chain approach promises aquaculture development in Uganda. Dr Malcolm Beveridge WorldFish Center Zambia and SARNISSA partner(external link)

Uganda Smoking Fish For Money - Mama Ester and others are smoking fish at Ggaba landing site - University of Kampala video(external link)

Uganda: Fish Frying on the shores of Lake Victoria - A full time business - University of Kampala video(external link)

Uganda:Reintroducing carp in Uganda Israeli Hebron Univ project(external link)

Auburn University Fish Farming project Uganda(external link)

Uganda: Constructing Kibaale Fish Farm Part 1 Pacific Academy Outreach is partnering with H2O4all on a Tilapia Farming project in Kibaale Uganda(external link)

Uganda:Constructing Kibaale Fish Farm Part 2(external link)

Wetlands supporting livelihoods in Zambia and Malawi - Wetlands International(external link)

Zambia: Tilapia - andersonii and niloticus on the Kafue(external link)

Lake Harvest Zimbabwe and Commercial Aquaculture Producers of Africa CAPA Present Corporate Social Responsibility(external link)

En Francais(external link)

LakeHarvest Farming Tilapia in Zimbabwe(external link)


Asian videos selection(external link)


ABC Australia: Pohs Kitchen Plenty more fish in the sea . Cage farming of kingfish and tuna - Note size and productive capacity of cages 100MT, feeding pilchards to wild caught tuna in cages (feeding fish to fish) also very attractive but rather sea sick tv host - Filmed off Port Lincoln South Australia(external link)

Australia: Innovative changes in NSW aquaculture. Tailor Made Fish Farms commercially cultivating barramundi and green salads in RAS systems. Note originally the owner Nick Arena worked as a bathroom and kitchen fitter(external link)

Australia: Innovative changes in Australian NSW oyster industry Bob Drake(external link)

Australia NSW Oyster industry innovates folllowing cripling disease(external link)


_European Videos Selection__(external link)

Middle East

Saudi Arabia: National Prawn Company growing 15,000 MT pa of P. indicus in the desert(external link)

North America and Caribbean

North American and Caribbean Videos selection(external link)

South Central America - Amérique Latine

South and Central America / America Latine videos selection(external link)

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