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Philippines : Seafdec's Nursery Culture of High Value Fishes(external link)

Canvas aquaculture tanks used for catfish - video from Malaysia(external link)

Bangladesh Small scale river cage culture of tilapia(external link) Through HELVETAS swiss cooperation. Ed Note : they are working with lower income women and men in villages and have now sorted out initial bottlenecks with assured steady supply of quality fingerlings and commercial feed and security against theft.

Processing Machines for farmed Pangasius from Vietnam - note mincing machine which removes and recovers 60% by mass of remaining fish musculature from fish mainframes after they have been filleted(external link)

China: Chinese companies manufacturing and selling specialist float mounted aquaculture pond sludge removal pumps and equipment - Removed sludge then used to fertilise rice fields This has applications elsewhere???.........(external link)

Vietnam Royal Pacific producing , processing and selling pangasius and tilapia in the Mekong delta(external link)

Philippines Fisher Farms Milkfish sea fish cages and processing plant(external link)

Aceh WFC renovating local fish farmers ponds and connecting them to local markets and value chains - Commentary from Dr Malcolm Beveridge of WFC - SARNISSA southern African partner based in Lusaka Zambia(external link)

China: Sustainability lessons from China: low footprint fish farms - Chinese carp culture(external link)

Feeding tilapia on Mekong river cage farm Ventianne Laos(external link)

Harvesting tilapia from river cage site Ventiane, Laos(external link) Note : they use a pulley system ; this sometimes in asia powered using back wheel belt or chain drive of motorbike or scooter

Bangladesh CGIAR WorldFish Center: Farming waters, changing lives. FW Prawn/Shrimp and fish farming helping lower income households to develop and meet their daily needs and more(external link)

Kuwait Harvesting tilapia from concrete ponds(external link)

Philippines Breeding of saline tilapia (hatchery technology)(external link)

Philippines Seaweeds culture Guimares Part I(external link)

Philippines Region 6 Guimaras CPAR Seaweeds Part II(external link)

Thailand Oreochromis niloticus Showing origins in country then monosex hatchery process to full market size In Thai(external link)

Bangladesh CARE DFID small scale cages project . This from a few years ago. What concrete impacts then and still now from this project? How much income each participant recd in proportion to their total hh income? Are such systems financially viable? Sustainability ? How many of these households still growing fish? What lessons to learn for Africa - in fact not just Africa but for all of us?(external link)

Thailand : Monosex tilapia hatchery Chiang Mai run by American - in Thai from Thai TV programme - Note scale of ponds, hapas etc(external link)

Cambodia : USAID Aquaculture training video - note this is also avaialble in Khmer(external link)

Thailand: Working towards sustainable shrimp feeds Again relevance here for SS Africa as it begins to build its commercial fish and shrimp feed manufacturing sector(external link)

Tilapia Hatchery Study tour Thailand - these people know what they are doing(external link)

SEAFDEC Philippines Giant Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium Ulang Hatchery Very nice instructional video Two parts Part 1(external link)

SEAFDEC Giant Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium Ulang Hatchery Very nice instructional video Part 2 Congratulations to SEAFDEC for making these - they are brilliant!! And probably first ever such instructional videos on Macrobrachium hatchery methods(external link)

Thailand Presentation Extruded feed production for hybrid catfish(external link)

Taiwan : Fish farmers rejecting govt plans to convert their farms to solar energy farms - Still recovering from last years typhoons - note size of ponds periurban location and concrete construction(external link)

Malaysia: Cambodians visit Malaysia to see aquaculture including visits to CP feed mill and fish farms(external link)

Indian Unitech Dolly Fish Feed Extruder - producing floating fish feed pellets(external link)

Senegal Model home in Senegal shows off aquaculture within renewable energy technology - Voice of America video plus article(external link)

Saline Tilapia production project Philippines(external link)

Small Fry, Big Catch - shrimp farming in Bangladesh and socio-economic results(external link)

Vietnam? China? Using electro shocking to collect remaining tilapia harvest(external link)

Thailand? Tilapia live fry packing team at work thanks to Jimmy Lin for the video(external link)

Malaysia - Tank culture feeding tilapia - note stocking densities(external link)

Thailand Culture of marine clown fish(external link)

Indian Aquaculture research, production, and processing: Big potential for the future?(external link)

Bangladesh Fish Farm: How NOT? to feed your fish??(external link)

Changer la culture de la crevette en Inde et au Sri Lanka. Vers la production biologique et durable pour les ménages à faible revenu IDRC Canada(external link) English language version already on this page below

Pangasius Lie (Balanced? German TV documentary about increasing importance of this vietnamese farmed fish in German markets (external link)

Macrobrachium Freshwater Prawn Farm NE Bangkok Thailand - Animals are 5g+ after 3months from stocking Post Larvae Note method of sampling(external link)

Caviar in the desert Abu Dhabi - United Food Technologies claim to build the largest recirc system in the world to produce 32 MT caviar(external link)

Thailand:Hatchery Tray system for tilapia alevins(external link)

China:IDAH Machinery EP-156D Twin Screw Extruder 雙軸(螺桿)擠壓機(external link)

Indonesia? Recirculation system in Greenhouses - Incubator system?(external link)

Philipinnes - Tie Mud Crab Project mitigating climate change for low income households Trowel Foundation - World Bank prize winners(external link)

Indian commercial ornamental and grow out fish farmer - note how they make simple cost effective reinforced mesh tanks(external link)

The future of sturgeon - Russia and Azerbaijan - Privatisation plans to develop run down former soviet hatchery infrastructure(external link)

Producing tilapia fingerlings in rice fields NW Bangladesh. Note also importance to rural households of co-culturing with small local indigenous species (self recruiting species SRS) for extra income(external link)

Rectangular Canvas tanks STAC Malaysia(external link)

Vietnam Nice ABC News video showing development of sea cucumber culture in Vietnam - potential for either rotation or polyculture with shrimp. WorldFish Center, Research Inst for Aquaculture Vietnam and Darwin Aquaculture Centre(external link)

Vietnam ABC News: Growing pacific oyster cultivation industry in northern Vietnam(external link)

Iran: About Islamic Iran's Aquaculture and Fishing Industry Part 1/2(external link)
Iran: About Islamic Iran's Aquaculture and Fishing Industry Part 2/2(external link)

Bangladesh: Video: Small scale cage culture for rural women DFID CARE project 1995(external link)

Bangladesh: Small scale Cage Farming practiced by women Practical Action(external link)

China: SuperGift Tilapia Hatchery: Hainan(external link)

Vietnam: Dirty water Dangerous fish? Catfish production in the Mekong delta(external link)

Aquaculture in Thailand: SARNISSA S Asian Study Tour Nov 2008. This video should be viewed in conjunction with reading Asian Study tour reports available on SARNISSA publications page(external link)

Aquaculture in Nepal: SARNISSA S Asian Study Tour Nov 2008. This video should be viewed in conjunction with reading Asian Study tour reports available on SARNISSA publications page(external link)

Aquaculture in Bangladesh: SARNISSA S Asian Study Tour Nov 2008. This video should be viewed in conjunction with reading Asian Study tour reports available on SARNISSA publications page(external link)

Spirulina farm visit in Thailand(external link)

India: Organic Prawn Farming in Kerala(external link)
English Summary Translation for Prawn Video(external link)

Fish Farming in Sri Lanka(external link)

Laos: Harvesting and moving fish from River Cage Farm Ventiane using pulley process(external link)

Laos: River Cage farm Ventiane(external link)

Bioconversion des déchets agricoles en aliments aquacoles Utilising palm oil residues to produce soldier fly larvae as sustainable aquaculture feed Indonesian IRD video (external link)

Japan: Japanese Farm raises hatchery reared blue fin tuna(external link)

Philippines: Large scale tilapia hatchery(external link)

Singapore: Cobia Cage farm, also shots from Singapore Fish Market(external link)

Vietnam:Chau Doc Sorting/grading pangasius on family run fish farm(external link)

India:Livelihoods and change - Shrimp farming industry in Andra Pradesh IDRC(external link)

Ornamental fish farm - raceway holding system for sales__(external link)

Thailand: Fish cage culture in rivers - in thai(external link)

Univ of Guam: Other downloadable videos of presentations given at Asian Inst of Technology on Feed, Seed and Inland fish production systems in Thailand(external link)

Univ of Guam:Tilapia Hatchery operations for small islands - Nice video going through the tilapia hatchery process(external link)

Thailand: Sex reversal of tilapia Nam Sai Farms Warren Turner discusses the process(external link)

Philippines: El nino kills thousands of farmed tilapia - Philipinnes tv article 5th Mar 2010(external link)

India:Inland fish pond culture Kerala(external link) More details of this project can be found on www.kissankerala.in(external link)

Israeli news documentary on questionable processing methods used in China for frozen fish exports(external link)

Tsukiji Fish Market Japan(external link)

Jagalchi Fish Market Busan Korea(external link)

Fish Farming in Korea(external link)

The Peoples Champions? CGIAR World Bank video showing trip to Cambodia of 18 parliamentarians from across the world to view WB/CGIAR development projects, interacting with stakeholders, NGOs, govt officials(external link)

Harvesting tilapia Hainan China - Require to log on Facebook(external link)

Tilapia eggs upwelling incubator - Require to log on Facebook(external link)

Cambodia:Beginnings of marine cage culture: environmental concerns(external link)

Phillipines:Hatchery/nursery production of shrimp fry SEAFDEC 1983 video(external link)

Indonesia?:Kolam Kanvas, Canvas Pond, Fish Farm, Commercial Fish Farm, Catfish Farm(external link)

Indonesia? Ternakan Ikan Keli Dalam Sangkar Kanvas- Canvas construction catfish farm(external link)

Malaysia:Trapia Traceable Tilapia Producer(external link)
http://trapia.no/(external link)

Cambodia:Life Center Outreach 2009 Construction of circular fish tanks(external link)

FISA Peruvian nets manufacturer(external link)

Vietnam: Company Processing Pangasius(external link)

Binangonan Freshwater Aquaculture Research Station SEAFDEC Phillipines(external link)

Harvesting, sorting and then transporting fingerlings, Rajshahi, Bangladesh(external link) Note methods of aeration, containers used for transporting, and method of transport
Bangladesh:"Green Gold" Integrated duckweed, waste water aquaculture project(external link)

Vannamei broodstock spawning(external link)

Cobia cage farming project Phuket Thailand(external link)

From opium to fish farming Afghanistan(external link)
Oyster and Mussel Culture using raft method SEAFDEC Philippines(external link)

Milkfish fry collection, handling and transport SEAFDEC Philippines(external link)

Tilapia Nursery ponds rural Philippines(external link)

Africa tilapia – pq Malaysian? Tilapia cage site(external link)

Nam Sai Tilapia Farm and Hatchery, Thailand. Video shows fingerling production from broodstock, egg incubation, hatching to fry and fingerling transport(external link)

Qu'est ce qu'un Panga ? Controversial video produced by French TV channel M6(external link)

Qu'est ce que le Panga ?(external link)
The 2005 World Food Prize Laureate: Modadugu Gupta(external link)

Oyster and Mussel Culture using raft method SEAFDEC Philippines(external link)

Tilapia Cage Culture Philippines - Old but interesting SEAFDEC video(external link)

SEAFDEC Crab seed / Marine fish training(external link)

Biology and ecology of Penaeus monodon (2) SEAFDEC(external link)

Biology and ecology of Penaeus monodon (1) SEAFDEC(external link)

Prawn fry production SEAFDEC Phillipines(external link)

Prawn feed preparation SEAFDEC Phillipines(external link)

Hatchery/nursery production of prawns 1983 SEAFDEC Phillipines(external link)

After the Tsunami Aceh - WFC project re- developing sustainable aquatic resource use(external link)

Hong Kong CNN Report Urban Aquaculture Growing grouper(external link)

Philippines SEAFDEC - The AQD magic - Research to production(external link)

Bangladesh Tilapia Hatchery Collecting eggs and fry from mouth brooders(external link)

A fish named Pangasius. Deutche Welle article(external link)

Abalone Farming and Marketing in Phuket, Thailand(external link)

Shrimp farming South Vietnam Vietnamese with English subtitles(external link)

Aquaculture Northern Laos – IDRC video(external link)

Effective system to grow keli – Malaysian catfish – source of Omega 3(external link)

Big fish small fry Bangladesh – Producing quality tilapia fry in modified rice paddies in NW Bangladesh(external link)

Basa farming S Vietnam – Australian report on environmental concerns(external link)

Sewage Farm Cambodia – Commercial cultivation of aquatic plants using Phnom Penh’s urban waste water(external link)

Fish farm Bangkok – tourism – public feeding the fish(external link)

Farming the Asian Arowana in Singapore – Vested interest TV series(external link)

Munshi Fish Farm – tourism(external link)

Pangasius Philippines(external link)

Tipping the Scales Vietnam – Farming Basa catfish in the Mekong Delta – despite constraints a growing industry(external link)

The worlds fish basket Chinese fish farming – Environmental video from NY Times article(external link)

Pisciculture in Jammu and Kashmir – project to develop aquaculture(external link)

Gift from Africa – The Philippines – breeding programme for tilapia(external link)

Mysore fish market, Karnataka, India(external link)

Cine Gra Prawn farming simulated farm layout(external link)

Goldfish breeding Kuwait(external link)

Goldfish Farm Kyoto Japan 2003(external link)

Voices from Paikgacha: The "cost" of shrimp farming in Khulna Bangladesh(external link)

After shrimp farming Mangroves are forever Sri Lanka (external link)

Tomorrows Harvest Environmental concerns and solutions Shrimp farming in southern Vietnam(external link)

Seaweed cultivation Indonesia(external link)

Ornamental fish farming on urban rooftop(external link)

Beijing Fish Market(external link)

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