African Aquaculture and Related Publications

African Aquaculture and related Publications

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Aug 2017

Large-Scale Biofloc Tank Culture in Malawi - a technical success story -.._.pdf Ray Kourie

Kourie-Reprint-FR-web (002).pdf Production de Tilapia à grande échelle en bacs de Biofloc au Malawi, une histoire de réussite technologique Ray Kourie

Kourie-Reprint-AK-web (003).pdf Ufugaji mkubwa wa perege nchini Malawi kwa kutumia teknolojia ya ulishaji wa kutumia vimelea hai vinavyopatikana kwenye maji. Ray Kourie

July 2017


Final report hatchery training Rwanda Badiane November 2015 _AM.pdf FAO Report Badiane A 2015

ASTF Kenya Hatchery Consultancy report _ Final (1).pdf FAO Report Badiane A 2015

NEW PUBLICATION: Presentation Aug 16: Bacterial Diseases in Farmed Tilapia in Thailand

October/octobre 2015_

Manual: Tilapia culture in earthen ponds Thai from Namsai(external link)

June/juin 2015

Using Model-Based Inference to Select a Predictive Growth Curve for Farmed Tilapia__

March/ mars 2014

NEPAD Environmental Strategies for Aquaculture in SS Africa : A Strategic review on environmental capacity and management, climate change response/adaptation and aquatic system health Author Neil Handisyde Feb 14 .pdf

February / fevrier 2014

New NEPAD Stirling University UK Publications Available


December / decembre 2013

Uganda Fish Value Chain Annual Report 2012 WFC(external link)

August / aout 2013

Aquaculture Assesment Liberia Karen L. Veverica and Godfrey Woyea 2012.pdf

July / juillet 2013

Newsletter CREDI-ONG Benin juillet_2013.pdf

SARNISSA ASAKUA Fish health competition winner Potential of Banana Extracts as treatment for parasite problems in Ugandan RAS Aquaponics system1.pdf

SARNISSA ASAKUA Fish health competition winner -Argulus infection in tilapia. Alternative treatment strategies Cote D'Ivoire sp..pdf


A Manual on Hatchery of Sea Cucumber Holothuria scabra development in Oman.pdf

June/juin 2013

WAFICOS Fish Farmers Cooperative Uganda Brochure .pdf

Report of The Walimi 6th Annual Fish Farmers Symposium and Trade Fair Kampala Uganda Jan 2013.pdf

CL FJ_Tilapia Farming in Mozambique-June 2013.pdf

Manual on the Production and Use of Live Food for Aquaculture FAO Publication(external link)

Intensive tilapia production A scope for the future of food production in developing countries John Balarin 1984 Iconic publication - still with lessons and key messages for today(external link)

May/mai 2013

Nigeria: Aquaculture Value Chains Catfish Farming Warri PIND Foundation - note also excellent video on same subject on Videos page(external link)

April/Avril 2013

Behaviours Associated with Acoustic Communication in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) (Longrie et al. 2013)(external link)

Abundance and diversity of zooplankton in semi intensive prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) farm (Shil, Ghosh and Rahaman, 2013)(external link)

Characterization of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) skin gelatin extracted with alkaline and different acid pretreatments (Niu et al. 2013)(external link)

Anaesthetic efficacy of eugenol on iridescent shark, Pangasius hypophthalmus (Sauvage, 1878)(external link)

Assessing the Role of Commercial Aquaculture in Displacing Mangrove Forest (Hamilton 2013)(external link) Abstract

African National Aquaculture Production Statistics by Country 1980-20111980-2011

Population control in farmed tilapias (Mair and Little (1991)

Aquaculture Asia Magazine 2006 Mariculture special(external link)

February/fevrier 2013

A practical guide for ex-ante impact evaluation in fisheries and aquaculture(external link)

A Relative Prevalence of Oreochromis Niloticus, Clarias Gariepinus and Heterotis Niloticus to Aeromonas Hydrophila in An Integrated Fish Farm (Omeje & Chukwu)(external link)

Consumer knowledge and use of information about fish and aquaculture, Pieniak et al., 2013(external link)

Haematological Responses of Clarias Gariepinus Exposed to Anaesthetics, Gabriel, U.U et al., 2011(external link)

Biodegradation of 17a-methyltestosterone and isolation of MT-degrading bacterium from sediment of Nile tilapia masculinization pond (Homklin et al., 2009)(external link)

Risks Associated with Using Methyl Testosterone in Tilapia Farming (Macintosh, 2008)(external link)

Click here to download this publication : Clearance of 17a-ethynyltestosterone from muscle of sex-inversed tilapia hybrids treated for growth enhancement with two doses of the androgen. Rothbard et al., 1990(external link)

A Manual for Rural Freshwater Aquaculture(external link)

Andrew Adolo's Report on The Sixth Farmer's Symposium and Trade Fair in Kampala, Uganda - 23rd - 25th JANUARY 2013(external link)

David Muliika's Report on The Sixth Farmer's Symposium and Trade Fair in Kampala, Uganda - 23rd - 25th JANUARY 2013(external link)

Socioeconomics of tilapia farming companies in Ghana(external link)

December / decembre 2012

Training course in fish Handling Post Harvest and Marketing Lake Tana Ethiopia (photos)(external link)

November/novembre 2012

The Future of Aquafeeds Thanks to Patrik Henrikson for sending this in(external link)

Guide to Using Drugs, Biologics, and Other Chemicals in Aquaculture & Companion Treatment Calculator(external link)

October / octobre 2012

Ghana: Article: Visit to new commercial Raanan Fish Feed Mill in Prampram Ghana(external link)

Information on the culture of the North African catfish from the FAO Cultured Aquatic Species Information Programme(external link)

September / septembre 2012

Closing the gap in finance International Finance Corporation(external link)

Proceedings of the Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010 available for download(external link)

Handbook Manual on Sandfish - Seacucumber - cultivation available for download online at Thanks to Georgi Robinson for this(external link)

August / aout 2012

Viewpoint article “A limited supply of fishmeal: Impact on future increases in global aquaculture production” (coauthored by Hassan ) published on-line in Trends in Food Science & Technology(external link)

July / juillet 2012

Transition of fish farming from subsistence to sustainable semi commercial activity in Eastern Uganda Abudala Napuru Damien Desprez Olivier Mikolasek. Source of the Nile Fish Farm (SON), Jinja, Uganda CIRAD, Montpellier, France(external link)

Fish fauna of the Owabi Dam Reservoir in Ghana(external link)

The Efficacy of Group Work in Rural Development: The Case of Group-Owned Fish Ponds in Morogoro Region, Tanzania Wetengere(external link)

June / juin 2012

WFC Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on Fish Value Chains in Uganda(external link)

Growth performance of the African catfish Clarias gariepinus (Clariidae) This and other downloads available from WorldFish Center website link shown(external link)

Booklet from pharmaceutical company...... offers sustainable solutions for bacterial disease in warmwater fish(external link)

Current status of the giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) industry in China(external link)

The potential of nutrient-rich small fish species in aquaculture to improve human nutrition and health Thilsted, S.H. 2012 World Fish Center(external link)

Bokhutlo, Thethela (2012) Life-history and stock assessment of Clarias Gariepinus in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Masters thesis, Rhodes University(external link)

May / mai 2012

Proceedings of the Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010 Farming the Waters for People and Food Editors Rohana P. Subasinghe J. Richard Arthur Devin M. Bartley Sena S. De Silva Matthias Halwart Nathanael Hishamunda C. V. Mohan Patrick Sorgeloos(external link)

Regional dialogue on large water infrastructure in West Africa Building multi-stakeholder participation from 2009 to 2011(external link)
en francais http://cmsdata.iucn.org/downloads/version_francaise_1.pdf(external link)

Business opportunities for aquaculture in Ethiopia University of Wageningen Report(external link)

April / avril 2012

Validation of the aceto carmine technique for evalauting phenotypic sex in nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fry - This simple method should be used routinely by commercial monosex tilapia hatcheries to monitor the % male in their hatchery sex reversed tilapia fry production(external link)

Etude de cas Gabon :Rapport de Reproduction artificielle de Clarias gariepinus(external link)

Akosombo Strain Ghana - Faster growing tilapia for commercial aquaculture development in W Africa(external link)

Aquaculture Zimbabwe Newsletter Fish Tidings April 2012(external link)

March / mars 2012

A manual for ecologically sound, small-scale fish farming in Africa AFRICHTHY(external link)

Manuel technique: La pisciculture de subsistance en étangs en Afrique(external link)

Summary Illustrated Report of 5th Annual Ugandan Fish Farmers Symposium held in Kampala. Jan 2012(external link)

February/fevrier 2012

Altered Reproduction in Clarias gariepinus Exposed to Industrial Effluents(external link)


Download: World Bank Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Aquaculture(external link)

Publication: Apprendre pêcher; plutôt que donner du poisson APDRA Cameroon Travaux et Innovations Numero 182(external link)

January / janvier 2012

Apprendre pêcher;plutôt que donner du poisson APDRA Cameroon Travaux et Innovations Numero 182(external link)

WorldFish Center Report Aquaculture, Fisheries, Poverty and Food Security(external link)

Book Chapter: Comparative analysis of the environmental costs of fish farming and crop production in arid areas Randall E. Brummett(external link)

FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Proceedings No. 20 on “Aquaculture in desert and arid lands: Developments and constraints”Online PDF file__(external link)
Online PDF zipped file: http://www.fao.org/docrep/015/ba0114e/ba0114e.zip(external link) Thanks to Valerio Crespi and Alessandro Lovatelli of FAO

Independent Summary Report from Aquaculture Conference in Pemba Mozambique from Nov 2011. Author Norma Schonnher Johanna Quatmann(external link)

December / decembre

Latest SARNISSA Case Studies

New SARNISSA Case Study: A case study on the experiences of innovative, small-scale fish farmers in Malawi. Valeta J. (external link)

New SARNISSA Case Study : Role of the private sector in fry and fingerling production in Uganda Felicie Aulanier Olivier Mikolasek(external link)

SARNISSA Case study: Development of RAS grow out systems tilapia Egypt Radwan(external link)

SARNISSA Case Study Hangere Integrated Farm Malawi(external link)

SARNISSA Etude de Cas L'élevage en cage à faible niveau d’intrants: vers la sécurité alimentaire et l’amélioration du niveau de vie en zones rurales au Kenya Harrison Charo(external link)

November/ novembre

Abstract: Mortality of Hybrid Catfish (Clarias gariepinus x Heterobranchus bidorsalis) Fingerlings at Varying Salinities(external link)


Ghana: GAIN Fisheries and Aquaculture Report 2011 - note section on (need for) commercial feed sector also now between 5-7 larger commercial fish farms in Ghana (indicating making profit?) and 200 small to mid scale fish farms(external link)

Publication: FAO Purification des coquillages bivalves: aspects fondamentaux et pratiques(external link)

Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa AASA Malawi 2011 Conference Summary and Highlights(external link)

October / octobre

NRAC US :Business Planning For Aquaculture -Is It Feasible?(external link)

South Africa AISA From 2006 Two Case Studies Mussels cultivation and small scale trout culture Investigating Empowerment and Enterprise Development(external link)

SEAFDEC: Report of the second round table discussion on the development of genetically improved strain of Macrobrachium(external link)


Aquatic Ecology/ Environmental

http://www.sarnissa.org/tiki-index.php?page=Aquatic+Ecology%2FEnvironmental(external link)

Adapting to Climate Change: The Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries and Aquaculture in the Near East and North Africa Region(external link)

Aquaculture General Africa

http://www.sarnissa.org/tiki-index.php?page=Aquaculture+General++Africa(external link)

WorldFish Center:Fish Production in Refugee Camps and Settlements: Lessons from Zambia(external link)

WorldFish Center:Guidelines for Fish Production in Long Term Refugee Situations in Africa(external link)

Aquaculture Global

http://www.sarnissa.org/tiki-index.php?page=Publications+Aquaculture+Global(external link)

Aquaculture Manuals

http://www.sarnissa.org/tiki-index.php?page=Aquaculture+Manuals(external link)

Aquaculture Newsletters

http://www.sarnissa.org/tiki-index.php?page=Aquaculture+Newsletters(external link)

Aquatic Plants, Algae

http://www.sarnissa.org/tiki-index.php?page=Aquatic+Plants%2FAlgae(external link)

Publications SARNISSA Case Studies

http://www.sarnissa.org/tiki-index.php?page=Publications+Case+Studies(external link)

Commercial Suppliers

The Ugandan Commercial Fish Farmers Inputs and Services Suppliers Guide 2009 - Fish Uganda project Auburn University(external link)

SARNISSA African Aquaculture Commercial Suppliers and Services Trade Directories

SARNISSA Répertoires des Fournisseurs de Biens et Services pour l’Aquaculture Commerciale en Afrique

SARNISSA- Répertoire des Fournisseurs de Biens et Services pour l’Aquaculture Commerciale en l’Afrique de l’Ouest.(external link)

West African Aquaculture Commercial Suppliers and Services Trade Directory(external link)

Southern Africa Aquaculture Commercial Suppliers and Services Trade Directory(external link)

East African Aquaculture Commercial Suppliers and Services Trade Directory(external link)

Conference Workshop Presentations

World Aquaculture Society (WAS):Presentations available from recent Vera Cruz meeting including African Aquaculture session(external link)

Co-operatives, Fish Farmers Associations, Group Formation

FAO Worldfish Center: Aquaculture Farmer Organizations and Cluster Management Concepts and experiences ISSN 2070-7010(external link)

Associations Organisations and Companies: Their roles and opportunities in the formulation and transfer of skills within the framework of sustainable aquaculture development in Sub-Saharan Africa(external link)

Structures Associatives et Entreprises : rôles et opportunités en matière d’élaboration etde transferts de compétences dans le cadre du développement durable de l’aquacultureen Afrique Sub-Saharienne(external link)

Starting a Co-operative:Farmer-controlled economic initiatives. Agromisa Foundation and CTA, Wageningen, 2006(external link)

Value chain finance: Beyond microfinance for rural entrepeneurs. Including 13 Case studies from round the world: Organizations ranging from cooperatives of forest dwellers who harvest leaves to make into disposable plates, to multinational firms that make potato crisps for sale in supermarkets. KIT Netherlands publication(external link)

Farmers as Shareholders: A close look at recent experience.Small-scale farmers’ groups and associations in the ownership of companies that add value and market their produce. Including Case studies. KIT Netherlands publication(external link)

Country Specific Publications: Aquaculture National Plans, Strategies and Reviews

Business Opportunities for Aquaculture in Kenya; With special reference to food security. Wageningen LEI Imares. Rothuis A.J., A.P. van Duijn, J.C.M. van Rijsingen, W. van der Pijl and E. Rurangwa Den Haag, LEI, 2011, Rapport 2011-060; ISBN 978-90-8615-534-7; 28 pages(external link)

Team of 10 Kenyan Fish Farmers visit Ugandan Aquaculture Symposium in Jan 2011 then have study tour of Ugandan grow out farms and hatcheries - Trip Report from Susan Njeri of Kamiti Integrated Farms Kenya - Visit partially paid for by USAID funding(external link)

Country Specific Publications(external link)

Acuaculture in South Sudan - Report(external link)


New publications from SEAFDEC (1) a textbook on Health management in aquaculture, 2nd edition and (2) an aquaculture extension manual on the Breeding and seed production of the giant freshwater prawn(external link)

Rapport de Masters:Développement de l’élevage intensif à petite échelle de crevettes marines natives Farfantepenaeus notialis et Melicertus kerathurus au Cameroun Présenté par Guillaume GAUDIN(external link)

Freshwater prawn farming:A seed of hope for Northern Bangladesh. Bangladesh FD Fish Information Website(external link)

Carp Prawn Polyculture Bangladesh FD Fish Information Website(external link)

Australian Prawn Farming Manual CGIAR 2006(external link)

Mud Crab Aquaculture and Biology CGIAR 1999(external link)

Crevetticulture durable en Afrique de l’Ouest : Opportunités économiques et coopération Sud-Sud(external link)

Cultivation of Mud Crab SEAFDEC(external link)

Cultivation and Fattening of Mud Crab India(external link)

Seed and grow out of Freshwater Prawn. Entre Pinoy Phillipines(external link)

__Installation and operation
of a modular bivalve hatchery FAO Technical Paper 2007 Large file to download__
(external link)

Diseases, Aquatic Animal Health

Nigeria: Publication A Comparative Study of the Common Protozoan Parasites of Clarias gariepinus from the Wild and Cultured Environments in Benue State, Nigeria S. Omeji, S. G. Solomon, and E. S. Idoga(external link)

Acute toxic effects of Endosulfan (Organochlorine Pesticide) to African Catfish Fingerlings American Eurasian Journal Agric and Env Science 2011(external link)

Diseases Aquatic Animal Health Publications(external link)

Nigeria:Reprotoxic Effect of Malachite Green on African Catfish Clarias gariepinus (Burchell 1822)(external link)

Nigeria Publication: Bacterial infection of mudfish Clarias gariepinus (Siluriformes: Clariidae) fingerlings in tropical nursery ponds(external link)

Guide to Using Drugs, Biologics,and Other Chemicals in Aquaculture - American Fisheries society Publication 2011(external link)

Economics / Business / Farm Management

Publication: Financing smallholder aquacuture enterprises - World Fish Center 2011(external link)

Nigeria: How to write a feasibility report on starting a small scale fish farm(external link)

Survey of the opportunities and potential for European Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s), researchers and NGOs for involvement in sustainable development of SSA aquaculture(external link)

Tilapia Culture Business Guide: from informative Philippines based Entre-Pinoy website(external link)

Univ of Guam (Sustainable Agriculture Dept) Workshop materials for Introduction to writing a Business Plan(external link)

Developing Business Proposals for Aquaculture Loans SRAC 1997(external link)

Tilapia Farm Business Management and Economics: A Training Manual Univ of Arkansas 2005(external link)

Cameroon Fish Farm: An Interactive Business Planning Guide for Practical Aquaculture(external link)
Spreadsheet for Cost Benefit Analysis(external link)
- Tilapia, Clarias, Polyculture systems. 2008 Randall E. Brummett, Mireille Kenmegne & Jacqueline Noubayo, WorldFish Center - Cameroon

Tilapia Farm Business Management and Economics. A Training Manual CRSP (Kenya) 2005(external link)

Economic viability of catfish farming Oyu State Nigeria(external link) J. Hum. Ecol., 21(2): 121-124 (2007)

Identification of potential aquaculture and fish processing investment projects and partners in selected countries in Africa. Published: April 2009 by Nordenfjeldske Development Services (NFDS)Commissioned by: Norad(external link)

Development potential and financial viability of fish farming in Ghana PhD Thesis Ruby Asmah University of Stirling UK August 2008(external link)

Strategic Review of Aquaculture Extension in Tanzania from FAO Newsletter Dec 2008(external link)

Feed and Nutrition

Feed and Nutrition / Pond Fertilisation Publications(external link)


Funding Aquaculture Research For Africa R. Brummett K Rana SARNISSA guide(external link)

Financer la recherche aquacole en Afrique R. Brummett K Rana SARNISSA guide(external link)

WFC Funding Opportunities Guide For Africa Nov 2009(external link)

WFC Compendium of Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities Nov 2009(external link)

Gender, Poverty, Livelihoods

Regional Fisheries Livelihoods Programme for South and Southeast Asia (RFLP) E-newsletter, Oct 2011 Highlights Mainstreaming gender in the fisheries sector(external link)

Mainstreaming gender into project cycle management in the fisheries sector A Field Handbook FAO Oct 11 (external link)

An Innovative Approach to Involve Rural Women in Aquaculture(external link)

WorldFish Center publication:The contribution of fish intake, aquaculture, and small-scale fisheries to improving food and nutrition security: A literature review 2010(external link)

WorldFish Center publication:Creating Rural Livelihoods in Solomon Islands through an Environmentally-friendly Trade of Marine Ornamentals for the Aquarium Trade: Lessons Learned(external link)

Socio-Economic Impact of Mobile Phones on Indian Agriculture Report INDIAN COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH ON INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC RELATIONS 2010(external link)

Gender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries 2008 African Development Bank Group(external link)

Download Full Report(external link)

Les femmes en aquaculture(external link)

Gender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries African Development 2008. Bank Banque africaine de développement Indicateurs sur le genre,la pauvreté et l'environnement sur les pays africains 2008. Large file takes time to download(external link)

Farm ponds for water, fish and livelihoods(external link)

Hatchery and Reproduction
Hatchery and Reproduction Publications(external link)

Information Technology and Aquaculture
Information Technology INASP newsletter Internet bandwidth - cheapest way to get more bandwith. Case study National Univ of Rwanda - See also INASP link in Research organisations section - Access to online journals and publications(external link)

International Network for the availability of Scientific Publications INASP Latest Newsletter available(external link)

Google Books: A small revolution today in Montpellier, at IAALD conference. The CGIAR centers (among which, the WorldFish Center) have announced a partnership with Google Books aimed at improving access to all books for which it own copyrights. Now literally thousands of books available online - Use search facility for example "Tilapia" to find many great publications.(external link)


Aquaculture options for alternative livelihoods: The experience of the Adivasi Fisheries Project in Bangladesh WFC Dec 09(external link)

Fish supply and food security for Africa. Flyer 1993. WorldFish Center Dec 09(external link)

Engaging local communities in aquatic resources research and activities: A Technical Manual WFC Dec 09(external link)

Land grab or development opportunity? Agricultural investment and international land deals in Africa IIED IFAD FAO June 2009(external link)

Land Rush in Africa. Business Week Nov 25th 09(external link)

Kenya:Dominion Farms Response to above Business Week article - Nov 09(external link) Note content, role and interpretation of media articles within African aquaculture development


FAO Globefish Commodity Reviews now available

NEPAD SS African Fish Markets and Value Chain Report Author Lee Cocker Feb 14.pdf

Gordon, A and Kassam, l. (2011), ‘Aquaculture and markets: A research agenda’, The WorldFish Center, Penang, Malaysia. Issues Brief 2011-34. 12pp. Thanks to Laila Kassam_(external link)

Report of the joint FAO/WHO expert consultation on the risks and benefits of fish consumption 2011(external link)

FAO Globefish Bivalve Commodity Update: Prices, Exports, Imports, Catches. May 2009(external link)

FAO Globefish Fish Meal Fish Oils Commodity Update May 2009(external link)

Implications de la libéralisation du commerce du poisson pour les pays en développement. Une étude de cas en Guinée (2004)(external link)

The Kenya Capture Fisheries Value Chain: An AMAP-FSKG Value Chain Report USAID 2007(external link)


Trends in exploitation, development and management of artisanal mud crab (Scylla serrata-Forsskal -1775) fishery and small-scale culture in Kenya: An overview(external link)

[http://megapesca.com/acrobat/Egypt.pdf|__Review of Marine

LA BÊCHE-DE-MER bulletin d’information Numéro 27 – Juin 2008 (Français/French)(external link)


Production Systems

Production Systems by category(external link)

From researcher to farmer: partnerships in integrated aquaculture - agriculture systems in Malawi and Cameroon Brummett, Randall E.; Jamu, Daniel M 2011(external link)



The Development of the Digestive System in Clarias Nieuhofii Larvae: Histology and Histochemical Studies(external link)


Le introduction de Heterotis niloticus dans le Nyong Cameroun 1977(external link)


Farming of Tilapia M G Hussain (external link)

Relative performance of two Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus Linnaeus) strains in Egypt(external link)


A description of teleost fish diversity in floodplain pools (Whedos) and the Middle-Niger at Malanville (north-eastern Benin)(external link)

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