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Latest Media African Aquaculture - L'Aquaculture Africaine dans les Médias

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October / octobre

South Africa: How Fly Farming May Help More Fish Stay In The Sea(external link)

Uganda: Group efforts boost Namayingo fish farmers(external link)

Kenya: Ministry in new drive to boost fish-eating culture(external link)

Maroc: Aquaculture : neuf sites de production identifiés, un investissement de 295 MDH(external link)

Kenya: Water Hyacinth proliferation drives prices of fish up from Lake Naivasha(external link)

Nigeria: Lagos underscores importance of fish farming(external link)

Namibia: Veolia cleans Walvis Bay fish factory water(external link)

Nigeria:Fish provides 35% of protein intake in Nigeria(external link)

Nigeria: Women trained in fish farming get working implements(external link)

Tunisia: Mahdia - Shrimp Farming Project in M'loulèche Governorate of Mahdia(external link)

WAFICOS 6th Annual Fish Farmers Symposium including Trade Fair Kampala Uganda January 2013 Contact Ben Kiddu for more details(external link)

September / septembre

Nigeria: Indigenous Feed Technology to Slash Fish Price By 54 Percent Editor : The article reads well but actually gives no details (only floating feeds and fish oils?) where this 54% reduction is coming from?(external link)

Nigeria: Fish as the missing link Fish Farming Estates success or failure? - Editor: note that it mentions that the Govts recent Fish Farms Estates Initiative is almost completely abandoned now after considerable publicity and fanfare 6-12months ago? Would be good to hear from our Ugandan followers what has or will happen with these Estates in Uganda?(external link)

India: Small scale floating? feeds manufacturing machine Does anyone have any details or experience of using this Indian company’s small scale floating feeds manufacturing machine ? If so please share with us all on sarnissa email forum(external link)

Nigeria may save N100bn from aquaculture(external link)

Rwanda: District Aims to Produce 40 Tonnes of Fish(external link)

Israel Kenya Germany: The Israeli guest that’s welcome around the world Note mention of tri lateral agreement recently signed between Kenya Israel and Germany to develop aquaculture and fisheries in Kenya(external link)

August / aout

Tunisie: Aquaculture – L’élevage des tilapias : Une nouvelle approche génétique de sélection des mâles CIRAD(external link)

Nigeria: Fish farmers wants Federal Govt to give loans to colleagues(external link)

Kenyan Prime Minister signs deal with Germans and israelis for fish farming development around Lake Victoria(external link)

Nigeria Loses N105 Billion Yearly to Fish Imports' Note this is from a training weekend in Investment opportunities in aquaculture in Lagos - Note the word "Investment" - treating fish farming as a business rather than a hand out(external link)

Namibia:Fish Farm fights for survival — Would be interesting to hear how these fish farmers originally set up - subsidised with govt grants ... or as commercially viable stand alone businesses ?(external link)

July / juillet

Tanzania: Tilapia prices on the rise at Mwanza(external link)

Africa: Cobia - Out of the Ocean, Into the Pen(external link)

Kenya:Kitale farmers turn to fish farming to improve livelihood Note realistic? figures quoted for returns and prices ....(external link)

Kenyans shun fish over high market prices- Is this having effect on aquaculture - especially tilapia production in Kenya - Cost of production (including commercial feed) against XX $ in local and regional markets_(external link)

Angola: Nations coast has conditions for growth of sea resources(external link)

France L'élevage sauvera-t-il les poissons(external link)

June / juin

Namibia: Uis Youth Aquaculture Project 'Drying Up' . 100 youth employed now down to 4. Note is this not just indicative of words and promises all over SS African aquaculture from govt and policy level that aquaculture can provide 100's if not thousands of jobs for "the youth"(external link)

Equity investor sought for $1.2m fish farm in Zambia (external link)

Aquaculture au Maroc : Enfin un plan d’action Réforme du cadre juridique, schéma directeur des sites 10 projets clé-en main à proposer aux investisseurs(external link)

May / mai

Le white spot syndrome virus est apparu pour la première fois dans notre sous-région au Mozambique l’année dernière(external link)

Pisciculture au Mali: Ferme piscicole de Baguineda(external link)

Nigeria: Consultancy service sees huge potential for developing cage culture in Nigeria(external link)

Namibia: Hambukushu chief under siege over aquaculture project land(external link)

Uganda: Fish farming considered a gold mine that will lift household incomes and boost exports(external link)

Rwanda: Inland Lakes Integrated Development and Management Support Project (PAIGELAC) in Rwanda(external link)

Nigeria: FISON chairman urges local fish production to reduce fish imports(external link)

FAO hands over aquaculture development plan to Ministry of Agriculture(external link)

UK: Farmed tilapia fillets from Lake Harvest Zimbabwe for sale online and in UK Supermarkets - note the price(external link)

April / avril

Kenya: Josephine Wanjiku Wangai develops greenhouse system for raising and selling catfish and ornamental fish fingerlings to country wide markets(external link)

Rwanda Gakenke: Fish farming Cooperatives enlarged - 20 000 fingerlings stocked(external link)

Rwanda: Govt to replenish inland lakes with fingerlings Note figure of only 4,500 fingerlings mentioned? These fish being bought inn from Uganda - would be interesting to find out from which farm(external link)

'Huge' water resource exists under Africa BBC World Service Thanks to Valerio Crespi from FAO for this(external link)

Kenya: Sh40 million fish storage plant to be built in Busia to help local fish farming development - The area currently produces annuallly approximately 270 tonnes of farmed fish which are mostly sold locally(external link)

The Gambia: PRESIDENT JAMMEH ADDRESSES THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Part Two FAO TCP Aquaculture Develo-pment programme builds and stocks 30 more ponds with catfish(external link)

Kenya: World Bank injects 3 billion sh into fish farming(external link)

March / mars 2012

Zambia: UK Company Fusion Marine awarded £500,000 for cages and equipment for new tilapia farming site(external link) Contact Steven Divers of FM for more information on their product range sdivers à fusionmarine.com http://www.fusionmarine.com(external link)

Uganda: Company now develping new range of sausages from farmed tilapia and Clarias(external link)

Malawi: Villagers reap benefit from cage farming(external link)

Nigeria : Lucrative aquaculture business in Lagos(external link)

Uganda : Kahwa’s success spurs him to preach about fish farming(external link)

February / fevrier 2012

Uganda: St Judes Fish Farm Senya, Kingo sub-county in Lwengo district Profitable but Beset By Many Challenges Owner Ms Theresa Namisango selling her fish into DRC(external link)

Uganda: Nakawa Kampala: Youth want pay for destroyed fish farm(external link)

Ghana: Tilapia farming on Volta Lake must be regulated – Fishery Officer(external link)

Kenya : Growing fish in greenhouses - Kenyan/Dutch Company now producing Clarias fingerlings in Recirc Systems close to Nairobi(external link)

Ghana: Zoom fresh farmed Tilapia” to hit markets in Upper West Region soon(external link)

Saudi Arabian National Prawn company in Pakistan - also expanding its operations in Africa Mauritania(external link)

Malawi losing $28m in fisheries resources - aquaculture still stuttering to try and replace this. National av fish consumption per head declining since 1990(external link)

January 2012

Namibia: Tilapia king of Hardap Eco Fishing Farm(external link)

Kenya: West FM :Trans Nzoia county will soon receive Sh6 million to help finance fish farming(external link)

Ghana US: Tilapiana: BYU student business finalist in fellowship program(external link)

African tilapia gaining access to UK market(external link)

Cameroon: Douala: Centre pilote d’aquaculture intensive en circuit fermé de Logbaba Merci Olivier Mikolasek(external link)

The Gambia: Disability Cannot be an Obstacle to Productivity” Says an Aquaculture operator. Note it does not give any figures here for how much they actually harvested from the ponds or its value -This then asks the question is this farm/project economically viable ? From this type of media reporting we do not know? Also 45 year old youth? And at bottom of article it seems to be all about asking for more funds which would suggest farm is not economically viable. ASlthough perhaps well intentioned to promote aquaculture this type of media reporting is not helping to describe true picture(external link)

Kenya:Fish ponds scheme boon for Bungoma(external link)

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